Return On Investment

real estate returnWe follow a formula that is standard in the real estate investing industry that minimizes risk and maximizes profit. Many of our fix n’ flip deals have a net profit that ranges between $5,000 to $50,000, which you can see in more detail through our case studies. We’ve done over 250 deals in the last 3 years and we are currently doing about 10 to 20 deals a month. No investor training program can guarantee or imply any type of typical results to their students, especially since we can offer all the resources that a student could possibly need to do real estate deals and the student still doesn’t do deals for reasons ranging from lack of the work required to pure bad luck. However, we do as well in real estate investing as anyone and our program is designed to be the best, with true mentorship and training, and we have a money-back guarantee. For full details, come to one of our free workshops.

The following example illustrates how we can potentially make a return on investment of 100% or more within 3 months. This is just a “ball park” example. For real samples see our case studies, and all information on this website is subject to our legal disclaimer.

Example of a fix and flip deal:

Buy a property for $40,000
Rehab the property for $60,000
Total cost of the property is $100,000
Sell the property for $150,000
Net profit is $50,000

In the example above, we might use about $20,000 of our own cash and then borrow the rest through a hard money loan, and it takes about 3 months to flip a property. So return on investment would be $50,000/$20,000 x 100 or 250% in 3 months.

Now, you might be reading this and thinking that you don’t have $20,000 to invest in a property. If you do have $20,000 to invest then you definitely want to check us out, especially if the funds come from a retirement account and you can build your retirement quickly; but let’s say you don’t have these funds. That’s no problem since we teach you how to do deals with no money and no credit. In these types of deals, you might be required to put $100 down on a property and make a net profit of $10,000, and we could even structure it so that the $100 either doesn’t come out of your pocket or you get it back. That’s a return that is so high it becomes unbelievable to investors in other industries, and we do it regularly. This is one of the best-kept secrets in real estate investing and we describe the structure of this deal in detail at our free workshops, which you’re welcome to attend.