The Aloha Spirit

The "Aloha Spirit" is a major part of the culture at Matrix Investor Network. Before the founders of the Matrix even knew what the Aloha Spirit was, they wanted to create an atmosphere of learning real estate investing where people could receive instruction from a mentor, and even a friend. Kaulana is a Native Hawaiian; he joined the matrix and eventually became the director of Rehab. When he was exposed to the culture of the Matrix he had the perfect name for it since it is also a major part of Hawaiian tradition and culture.

The Aloha Spirit is an idea of community, where everyone is working together for the mutual benefit of all who are involved. Kaulana describes it this way:

In Hawaii, the first time you come to our house we'll treat you with a feast for royalty. The second time you come to our house, we'll expect you to feel comfortable enough to go to our refrigerator and take whatever you want out of it without asking first. Just take it.

The mentorship at Matrix Real Estate Investor Network is a program that is designed to be a win-win for both the student and the mentor. That's why your mentor will work to help you achieve success in real estate investing.