How We Differ From Real Estate Gurus

How We Differ From Real Estate Investor Gurus

The Gurus

Matrix Investor Network

  • The gurus will come from out of state for a weekend to teach a seminar. They’ll take your money and then leave town after the event is over.
  • We are located in Phoenix and we’re here to stay. Members call or come to the Matrix office on a daily basis for one-on-one assistance.
  • The gurus will overwhelm you with real estate theory and then try to upsell additional training. They have a staged process that gradually gets you to spend between $300 for a 3-day program to $60,000 for their “mentorships”.
  • With Matrix Investor Network you’ll earn while you learn. We can even teach you how to do deals with no money and no credit. Our mentorship program is all-inclusive.
  • The gurus work out of hotels.
  • We have a local facility – we’re like a real estate gym with personal trainers.
  • With the gurus you’ll sit in a classroom and/or use their books and other training materials on your own.
  • We have workshops combined with industry standard research tools for the state and one-on-one mentoring with a seasoned professional.
  • The gurus will take you on a bus tour.
  • We provide actual field training.
  • Many of the gurus have only done a handful of deals, if any. Many of the deals they’ve done are not recent.
  • We have done over 200 deals in the last three years. And we’re currently doing about 20 deals a month with our students.
  • Most of the gurus from out of state aren’t familiar with the local market.
  • Most of our deals are done locally. We know this market!
  • With the gurus you may never do a deal or even get started in real estate investing.
  • We teach you how to get into deals from day one and provide the support you need to complete the deals.

Don’t pay $10,000 to $60,000 for the gurus’ so-called “mentorships”. Instead, let us show you how to actually invest in real estate and make a return on your investment.