real estate mentoringOne of the reasons the Matrix was created was to offer true mentorship from a seasoned investor who does real estate deals in the local market. The founders of the Matrix saw that there are too many other programs out there that say they’re offering mentorship when they’re really not mentoring at all. They’re just educating or selling educational materials. It takes more assistance than occasional phone calls and webinars to help newbies actually learn real estate and do real estate deals.

  • A true mentor is someone that you can work with in person, and they’re available when you call.
  • A true mentor is someone that you can work with on a regular basis.
  • A true real estate mentor is someone who is currently doing deals.
  • A true real estate mentor can only mentor you in the local market if they’re doing deals in the local market themselves.

One of the biggest dilemmas in the real estate investor industry is that most seasoned investors are not willing to teach others the trade. Why would anyone want to train upcoming competition? That mentality changes entirely when the mentor is confident enough in the training to do join ventures with the student. The Matrix program is designed to be a win/win for both the mentor and the student, which is one of the reasons you know you’re getting the highest quality training when you join the Matrix. Combine the win/win structure of the program with an atmosphere of learning and a “no student left behind” policy and you have true real estate mentorship.