benfranklin300x200Before creating the Matrix, we had attended guru seminars to learn about investing in real estate. What we found is that the gurus have a system of teaching that doesn’t work. The gurus, most of whom were from out of town, would host a weekend event at a hotel and then leave. Whether they do seminars or not, there are also many gurus who sell educational materials, including books and audio, which are not accompanied with in-person mentoring. Their courses are full of real estate theory that tend to overwhelm beginning investors. They don’t really give a new investor a sense of direction. Worst of all, the gurus may charge a small fortune for these seminars and training materials. If the student learns a few good tips but can’t even get started, then their investment in training produces no return. What is the point if they can’t get from step A to step B?

When you come to the Matrix, you’ll hear multiple phrases that are used to portray our teaching philosophy:

  • We’re like a real estate gym – we have a local facility with personal trainers
  • You can’t learn Karate by watching a video. It’s the same with real estate investing.
  • After taking Spanish in high school, how often do people speak it fluently with no other background? Yet, if you went to live with a family in Mexico, you’d learn it pretty quickly.
  • “TELL me and I forget, TEACH me and I may remember, INVOLVE me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

We frequently use these phrases and others to demonstrate that we’ve taken real estate investor training to an entirely new level. Classroom instruction is necessary to help people get oriented and give them a lot of necessary information. Yet, in addition to classroom instruction, we have a local facility where you can come to do property research. You’ll also have an actual mentor for one-on-one assistance. Your mentor will provide the help that you need to find investment properties and complete your deals. On your first deal, your mentor will be walking you through all the steps in a “hand holding” fashion, but you will be the one that is taking those steps. You are not left to take those steps alone, and the mentor does not take those steps for you, but you will take those steps to complete the deal. This is a true mentorship program that involves you throughout the entire process, so that you can actually learn how to do it.

Beyond the broken teaching system of the gurus, we also saw that there are many dirty scoundrels in real estate, both in real estate training programs and in real estate business activities. We know that this type of attitude is not sustainable for short term or long term results. Also, there is an inherent dilemma with real estate investor training. In any business, it’s generally not a good practice to raise your competitors. Yet, that’s exactly what real estate mentors do, and that’s one reason why most mentors and gurus charge a small fortune for the training.

There are a couple ways we have resolved these problems. The first is that we only accept members to the Matrix with good morals and ethics, because those are the only type of people that we like to do business with. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of seasoned investors join the Matrix and why we expect beginning investors will stay with us even after their training is complete. The second is that our program is designed to be a win/win for everyone that is involved in any particular real estate transaction.

We have a “no student left behind” policy and a system where students can eventually become mentors themselves. This reinforces the training since you’ll learn even better once you become the teacher. This “pay-it-forward” philosophy is an attitude of making sure we’re always taking care of our members and providing a mutually beneficial offer to everyone involved.