2406 S 24th St Phoenix

The “Real Estate Gym” is a nickname affectionately given to the building where Matrix Investor Network is located. When the Matrix was organized in November 2014 we started in a facility with four offices and one classroom. In less than a year the company had already outgrown this location, so a new facility was purchased with room to expand even further. As a member of the Matrix you’ll have free access to this facility. Even those who are not members of the program can come to chat about real estate and even receive some training.

Like any gym, you can come to this local facility to learn from personal trainers almost on a daily basis. Having a local facility, in combination with true real estate mentoring, is considered to be one of the key features that sets the Matrix apart from other real estate investor education programs. If you really want to learn real estate investing, you’ll need more than just books, audio recordings, webinars and other educational materials. You need a place where you can go talk to a mentor in person and get answers to your questions. Your mentor will also help you overcome any road blocks that may come up.

The “real estate gym” is where all the classroom instruction and most of the one-on-one mentoring takes place. It’s also a place where you can come to do research on your real estate deals and have an office setting where you can operate your real estate investor business.