These members-only courses offer the best start in your real estate investor education. Once you have have completed the 100 level courses, you can move on to the 200 level courses. After other benchmarks, you can proceed to other advancements, such as becoming an instructor or a mentor. These courses are combined with field training, workshops and one-on-one mentoring to "involve" you so that you actually learn and do real estate deals. Come to our free training workshop to get a complete description of the program.


Wholesale Program (HHOW)

Get In, Get Out and Get Paid. Wholesale investing is one of the best-kept secrets in real estate investing because it's one of the ways you can do deals with no money and no credit.

Financial Fitness

The financial fitness program will help you become a master at both personal and business finances. This ultimately helps you become an excellent business person and real estate investor. (More info and testimonials here)

Other 100 Level Courses & Workshops


Preforeclosure Program

The pre-foreclosure program at Matrix Investor Network is probably the best in the state of Arizona and one of the best models in the nation. We educate our investors, students and real estate agents on how to locate homeowners in pre-foreclosure and focus on the right properties to maximize profit. THE GAME HAS CHANGED! Emphasis is placed on properties in bankruptcy and failed loan modifications. The director of the program has over 28 years of experience in dealing with pre-foreclosures at every stage of the process.



Classes and programs are always in development at Matrix Investor Network. Watch for when the following classes become available.

Real Estate Investor Marketing
(with CRM Set-Up & Training)

This 3-part series gives an excellent overview of general marketing principles and real estate investor marketing. In the second class you learn how to use a recommended CRM to track contacts and marketing efforts. The third class is a workshop where you create your marketing plan.


The Matrix has the resources to complete deals through probate. Until this class is developed students can learn what they need from their mentors. This program is in development and will include both an introductory class and weekly team meetings.



This program is in development and will include both an introductory class and weekly team meetings.

Buy And Hold-Rental Properties

This class will teach members how to buy and hold rental properties.

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Learn how to invest in commercial real estate

Creative Financing

Learn how to acquire real estate through seller financing, lease options and other creative financing.