How to Deal with the Stress of Being a Real Estate Investor
April 18, 2016
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The “Why” at the Matrix

Why do real estate investors do what they do?

Many do it for the money, others for the freedom, but even more for their family.

Then there are those at the Matrix.

Who do it to clean up neighborhoods, help homeowners avoid foreclosure, and help train and mentor each other to find and close deals together.  By building each other with training and mentoring on how clean up their credit, building capital, and ultimately make each other successful. At the Matrix, you are not alone.

Because a lot of people think of real estate investing for only their own benefit, and not the benefit of the community. This is where the Matrix differs as we believe in the why.

Our “WHY” at the Matrix is to leave anything we find better than when we found it. Because of this philosophy, we believe that it’s our duty to improve our community, and use real estate and real estate investing as our way to do it. To include, cleaning up neighborhoods, help homeowners avoid foreclosure, make our buyers/sellers/and real estate investors money, but especially helping our investors better themselves by training them right.

The Matrix’s “Why”

#1 Cleaning up Neighborhoods

At the Matrix, the best feeling in the world for us is when we buy a house in a bad neighborhood, kick out the drug dealer, and fix it up to move a nice family in that needs a place to live. It’s even better when you talk with the neighbors who have no problem telling you about the former owner of a vacant property when you tell them you’re trying to buy it, fix it up, and make their neighborhood just a little bit nicer.

#2 Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Another reason our investors do what we do is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Too many people fall on hard times and end up in Pre-Foreclosure. Which is considered one of the most stressful times in a person’s life if it happens to them. Especially when they have no one to turn to go over their options. That’s why we have our Homeowner Advocates who go out and work with Homeowners to help them avoid Foreclosure. By helping them keep their home or sell it to make them some money. Avoiding bankruptcy and the extreme negatives of being foreclosed on such as a destroyed credit score and the chance of debt if the home doesn’t sell for more than the loan. This is what we do as Homeowner Advocates at the Matrix.

#3 Make Buyers/Sellers/Investors Money

Another why for us is ensuring everyone gets paid. Our buyers get good deals so they can fix n’ flip to make their money. Or fix n’ hold by turning it into a rental and holding onto it for passive income. Our sellers make money by getting rid of a property they don’t want by selling it at wholesale prices. And our Investors make money by helping facilitate the process and connecting a buyer to a seller. Making a Win/Win/Win.

#4 Helping our Investors by Training them Right

Our biggest and most important why is helping each other. At the Matrix, we believe mentorship and helping each other be successful trumps everything else. We believe together we can cover a 1000 miles rather than only 10 miles alone. This is why we built the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network, a Real Estate Gym and training center that our investors can come to train and learn. With years of experience from all walks of life, there is a person with the knowledge you need, no matter the situation. Bankruptcy? We have a mentor for that. Wholesaling? We have a mentor for that. Bad Credit Score? We have a mentor for that. We are our why.


So many investors do what they do for their own reasons, some selfish, others selfless. Here at the Matrix, we do what we do for others. We help people. We help people who don’t want their properties anymore. We help people who want to fix n’ flip a house and help move in a nice family. We especially help our members accomplish their goals in any way possible. That is our why.

If you’re interested in more Real Estate Investing Tips, having a mentor, or being part of a Real Estate Gym that ACTUALLY trains you to make deals. Please sign-up now to see how you can start making money immediately in Real Estate by visiting us at our Info Meeting. Just register HERE!

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