How to Deal with the Stress of Being a Real Estate Investor

How Buy N’ Hold Investing is the Best Way to Grow Passive Income and Wealth.
April 11, 2016
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How to Deal with the Stress of Being a Real Estate Investor

Being a Real Estate Investor is tough.

This is due to the amount of stress a Real Estate Investor has to go through from fix n’ flippers who have to deal with unexpected costs and repairs on a property they purchased. To wholesalers who have to deal with long-term successes that can take a lot of time and effort to cultivate. To those who do pre-foreclosures who have to introduce themselves to complete strangers and be told “NO, I don’t need your help”, on a consistent basis. To Buy N’ Hold Investors who have to deal with terrible tenants who just won’t stop complaining. Everything a Real Estate Investor does causes stress.

Which is why many Real Estate Investors stop investing. They give up because they don’t want to deal with the roller coaster of emotions and consistent problems that can arise from investing. However, although Real Estate Investing is hard and stressful. Those that stay in the business become fabulously wealthy. Because they figured out how to deal with the stress and maintain themselves so they don’t get burned out. Dealing with this stress is how they became successful and how you can be successful if you simply follow these 4 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Real Estate Investor.

The 5 Ways on How to Deal with the Stress of Being a Real Estate Investor

#1. Set Realistic Expectations

The most important way to reduce your stress in Real Estate Investing is to set realistic expectations. Having realistic expectations will help you avoid stress by keeping your expectations in check. If your expectations are over-inflated, you will experience extraordinary amounts of stress once those inflated expectations come crashing down.

That is why you have to accept some fundamental truths about Real Estate Investing.

  • It is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme
    Many people expect that it is easy to make money in real estate. The truth is it can be very challenging at times. Even when you are making money, many things can happen that can cause you to make less money than you thought or lose money.  Understanding that Real Estate Investing takes time and work is a great way to reduce your stress because you expect the work you have to do.
  • Go Over the Numbers
    Another way to create realistic expectations is to go over the numbers. Knowing how much work equates to how much money can help reduce your stress. As you know you have to keep at it to make those numbers work.
    Know that Real Estate Investing has a lot of Inherent Failure
    Expecting failures will help keep your stress levels in check as they come. And they will come, as real estate investing has a lot of inherent failure as deals can implode at a moment’s notice. Knowing that a large minority of your Deals will fail will keep your stress down as you know that is the nature of the business.
  • Accept that you will never know everything
    Another way to maintain realistic expectations is to accept you will never know everything. Knowing that you don’t know everything will help reduce your stress. As you know you need to keep learning as you go, no matter how long you have been in the business. And a way to learn more is to have an investor network behind you to help you get your questions answered by someone who has already solved that problem in their own experiences. If you’re interested in having your own knowledgeable support group to help you in your Real Estate Investing, check out the Matrix.

#2 Understand the Process

Knowing how the process works from start to finish will help keep your stress level under wraps. Because knowing how things work and your options as events unfold will allow you to focus on finding a solution rather than stressing out about being stressed.

The best way to learn the Real Estate Investing from start to finish and reduce your stress levels is to be trained by a mentor who can show you where they made mistakes and how to avoid them. Allowing you to skip the trial and error method and get right to “How to do it Right” method.  Check out an Info Meeting to see how you can learn the process to reduce your stress in Real Estate Investing.

#3 Create Contingency Plans

Once you have realistic expectations and understand the process, it’s time to create contingencies. This helps reduce stress knowing you have a plan of action if things go wrong. Because you expect the problems, you can easily avoid them or at least mitigate them the best you can to save the Deal. So even when you get hit by something out of left field, you are ready for it.

#4 Flush the Toxins

The thing about stress that gets people the most is that it can pile up. One stress can lead to another which can lead to another. All piling up on you, until even the littlest things can affect you and you burn out. This piling up of stress has to be dealt with on a consistent basis to keep it from overflowing. Which is why you need ways to flush it out of your system.

The easiest way to keep your stress levels in check is to have ways to flush your stress toxins. This can be completely different from person to person, but revolves around these main 3 ways.

  • Vacations – Or just getting away from it all
    Getting away from it for a few days lets you rejuvenate yourself and get back in the right mindset to start over again and get back to investing with new energy
  • Meditation – Or just keeping your mind off it
    Not thinking at all, or doing an activity you enjoy to reduce your stress is always a great way to keep your mind right. This can be anything from exercise, a hobby, or activity that puts your mind at ease.
  • Positive Influence – Or just keeping positivity in your life to keep it from bringing you down.
    Having a positive outlook on life and surrounding yourself with positive people will allow you to overcome many of the stresses that can buildup in Real Estate Investing.  This is why it’s important to have a lot of people who also enjoy Real Estate Investing as a support group in your own endeavors. Which is why the Matrix Real Estate Investing Network was created.

#5 Mentorship

The best way to avoid stress as a Real Estate Investor is to have someone always there to help you. To help you when the going gets tough and you need someone there who knows how to avoid pitfalls and save yourself from trouble. Because a mentor is someone who has already done it and been successful at it and can help you avoid the mistakes they made by learning from the school of hard knocks. Instead you can learn the right way to do it immediately and prevent yourself from the aches and pains of mistakes that cost you time and money. This is why it’s imperative to have a mentor by your side. Even better is to have a network of investors there to help you with different experiences from all walks of life. This way you have an entire network of mentors who know what to do for any given situation.


There you have it.

These are the 5 ways to reduce your stress and keep it in check when you do your Real Estate Investing. This will help keep you from giving up on your hopes and dreams. Because you expect there will be problems, and allow you to easily overcome them knowing the process, having a plan, and keeping your stress levels in check by having ways to flush your stress toxins and be happy.

If you’re interested in more Real Estate Investing Tips, having a mentor, or being part of a Real Estate Gym that ACTUALLY trains you to make deals. Please sign-up now to see how you can start making money immediately in Real Estate by visiting us at our Info Meeting. Just register HERE!

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