Wood Street Property
September 9, 2016
November 26, 2015

Net Profit: $400,000, $250,000 was TAX FREE!

This is one of Dan’s early deals (Dan is one of the co-founders of the Matrix). He bought this South Mountain property, which initially had a house on it, for $150,000. In 2006 he sold the property for $550,000.

The opportunity for this deal came from the unusual housing market at the time. 2006 was the peak of the housing bubble. However, it demonstrates two major points: one, Dan was smart enough to sell at a time when the market indicated he should sell and when everyone else was buying. Two, all real estate investing produces a profit when you can buy low and sell high. The market always determines the price at which a property can sell. Matrix Investor Network teaches students how to read the market, how to estimate the After Repair Value (ARV) of subject properties and how to find wholesale properties at below-market prices.

Here is a list of more deals that Dan and his partners have done since the South Mountain property:

2928 E Atlanta Way
2015 W Chambers Road
2601 E Wood Street
2554 E Wier Avenue
5949 W Heatherbrae Drive
3811 W Portland Street
1846 N Chipman Road
1111 W La Salle Street
2830 W Almeria Road
1005 E Chipman Road
5949 W Mulberry Drive
12302 Calle Hermosa
728 E Laredo Street
1635 W Roosevelt Street
5201 S 12th Ave
3640 W Melvin
2905 W Madison Street
3617 W Broadway Road
6806 N 59th Drive
4422 S 4th Street
1406 S 12th Ave
2817 W Montecito Ave
1025 N 27th Place
6744 N 23rd Drive
10049 W Crown King Road
4301 N 27th Place
3112 N 58th Ave
2322 W San Miguel Ave
8236 W Catalina Drive
3522 E Polk Street
3629 W McKinley Street
7003 W Hubbell Street
7953 W Hazelwood Street

. . . and many others – over 150 in the last three years. After getting these properties under contract some where wholesaled to other investors and we did the rehab on others.