Matrix Affiliate Program

Earn money by referring people to the Matrix!

You do not have to be a member of the Matrix to earn money for referring people to the Matrix. However, referral commissions are better for Matrix members. If you are a member of the Matrix, then call the office at (602) 559-9445 to get informed on the latest commission structure. If you are not a member of the Matrix, you can still earn money by referring people to the Matrix through our affiliate program. For every lead that joins the Matrix you will receive 10% of their membership set-up fee. The Matrix has a policy to only disclose membership fees at the weekly introduction meetings. However, you could make a decent annual income by referring about 4-6 people to the matrix every month.

How it works:

Register for the Matrix affiliate program → get a unique referral link → promote your unique link across the internet → people click on your link and register for a free workshop → they join the Matrix at the workshop → you get paid!

When you register, you’ll be given access to an affiliate dashboard with tools to help you promote your link and statistics. You’re welcome to use any legal means available to promote your link, such as blogging and social media, email with opt-in lists (do not spam), internet advertising and other methods.