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Investor Courses

These members-only courses offer the best start in your real estate investor education. Once you have have completed the 100 level courses, you can move on to the 200 level courses. After other benchmarks, such as completing a real estate deal, you’ll proceed to other advancements, such as becoming an instructor or a mentor. These courses are combined with field training, workshops and one-on-one mentorship to “involve” you so that you actually learn and do real estate deals. Come to our free introductory meeting to get a complete description of the program.

100 Level Courses

Courses 101 to 104 are combined to form the wholesaling program, where we’ll teach you to find properties at below-market value and either sell to other investors or flip it for profit. This is how you get in, get out and get paid!

Hunter 101

In the first hunter training course we teach you how to find wholesale properties. These properties are generally not listed for sale on the MLS or through RealtorsĀ®.

Hunter 102

After you’ve found potential properties to buy, the next step is contacting the owner to see if they’ll sell the property.

Operations 103

The operations course explains how to set up your real estate investor business so that you can have all the benefits and protection that come with business ownership.

Wholesaling 104

Once you’ve found the property and offered to buy it, you’ll either sell it to another investor or flip it. This course includes free templates of the contract that we use to buy and sell real estate.

Financial Fitness

The financial fitness program was added to our curriculum to ensure that our members are not just successful at investing, but successful in all aspects of life. This means we’ll work to make you successful.

200 Level Courses

Preforeclosures 201

The preforeclosure program at Matrix Investor Network is probably the best in the state of Arizona and one of the best models in the nation. Investors who focus on preforeclosures can assist individuals by making sure the bank doesn’t take everything and also help them salvage their credit. The director of the program has over 28 years of experience in dealing with preforeclosures at every stage of the process.

Future Courses

As the Matrix continues to grow and expand we’ll have many other opportunities for you. Here are some future courses on the horizon:

  • Rehab Program
  • Rental Properties Program
  • Real Estate Investor Marketing with CRM Setup and Training
  • Creative Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing

Come to the Introductory Meeting for a Complete Description of the Program

“TELL me and I forget, TEACH me and I may remember, INVOLVE me and I learn.”

–Benjamin Franklin