Financial Fitness

financial fitnessHow to build your income, get out of debt, and prosper in any economy!

We call it “The Money Thing”: the elusive, often difficult mystery of acquiring, keeping, and continuing to produce enough money to be able to live the life of our choosing! True Financial Fitness Begins Now! What is required is an understanding of the principles behind the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance. A Financial Education that involves budgeting, roll-down reduction training, planning tools, offensive game plans, teaching on how to arrange your money into a hierarchy, and even learn how your nation’s monetary policy affects your money. The Financial Fitness program consists 6 classes which are described in detail on the investor courses page.


Finally, I found a financial tool that is easy to understand and makes sense. The financial information is life changing!

Holger Spiewak

Financial Fitness is perfect for all income levels. My only regret is that I didn’t have this information ten years ago.

Raymond Abernathy

It’s amazing how your whole attitude changes for the better once you feel in control of your finances, rather than your finances being in control of you. Financial Fitness was just what I needed.

Tony Hoffman

Total debt eliminated by financial fitness students: $1,282,380

Christopher, the director of the Financial Fitness program at Matrix Investor Network, and his wife, Catherine, led Financial Peace University in 2008-2009. They paid off over $987,000 of debt in 19 Months. Christopher is currently training with the Founders of The Financial Fitness Program. He has found his life purpose of setting people FREE FROM DEBT, showing them how to build their income and prosper in any economy. Read Christopher’s bio.

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