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Investor Courses


The prerequisite for Apprentice Training is that you have completed the Hunter Training to know how to find a deal. In this course, we show you more advanced ways to find properties, help you set up your own LLC and work on your business model for your needs, show you how to do a joint venture with The Matrix on your deals, walk you through the steps to buying and selling properties, working with title companies, contracts, earnest money, proof of funds, negotiation skills, additional tools to find buyers and sellers, how to sell a property and assigning you a Mentor to work with so that you will be walked through your first five deals.



Once you have taken the Hunter Training and the Apprentice Training and have closed FIVE deals with The Matrix, you will become a Wholesaler and earn a greater percentage of each deal. In this course, we will show you how to use other methods to find properties, advanced methods to find owners of properties, get into fix & flips and lease options as well as long-term rental properties. You will be shown how to build your network at Matrix so that you will have others whom you are mentoring, bringing you deals.


To become a Deal Maker, you need to have completed TEN Wholesaler deals with The Matrix and have completed the Wholesaler, Apprentice and Hunter Training. Once you are a Deal Maker, you will be making a larger percentage of each deal and will have more Wholesalers, Apprentices and Hunters in your network at Matrix so that you will be seeing more deals coming your way. At the Deal Maker level, we will teach team building skills and show you even more ways to buy homes, like Auctions, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Pre-Foreclosures, Tax Liens and Probate. You will also have access to buyer's lists where you can get lists of every buyer in a zip code with their names and addresses. We will show you how to improve your buyer's list and start doing some long-term joint ventures with rentals, lease options, multifamily properties and more.


Once you have reached this level, you will be one of the bigger players in the Phoenix area Real Estate Investment community. You will have to have completed FIFTEEN Deal Maker deals with The Matrix and will have completed the above courses. You will have an advanced knowledge of Double-Escrow Closings, Fix & Flips, Wholesaling, Lease Options and Wholesaling. We will set forth a long-term plan so that you will be able to generate a passive income so that when it comes time to retire, you will not have to work again. This is a one-on-one course where we sit down with you and figure out exactly what your needs are and then we devise a plan to accomplish your goals.