The Matrix Investor Network is different from other real estate investor education programs. Videos, audio recordings, books, webinars and occasional phone calls simply aren't enough if you really want to learn real estate. This program offers you true mentorship with all the support you need to actually do real estate deals. 

Studying in college seems the best way to obtain any profession and start a career, even real estate. However, not all students are ready to do homework. That's why they prefer buying college paper for sale and acting right. It's okay to get help from professional writers if the subject you're studying is too complex. There's nothing wrong with those students who value their time and don't want to waste it on assignments they won't complete alone. No one professor will reveal that you used pro assistance, so don't worry about it. However, college or university isn't a must for obtaining a profession. Do you know about various workshops and courses that may last a few days but can give you an understanding of the chosen profession and even the basic skills to start your journey in a new direction? Stop thinking that it's not serious — thousands of people have already changed their lives with the help of free workshops and courses, and you also can do the same. You just need to find the event you like, register on it, and open yourself to new knowledge.


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Philosophy of Mentorship

"TELL me and I forget,
TEACH me and I may remember,
INVOLVE me and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin


The Real Estate Gym

Our local facility is nicknamed "the real estate gym". Like any gym with personal trainers, you can come to Matrix Investor Network on a daily basis to receive mentorship and instruction.


Investor Courses

The courses repeat on a regular basis and you can come to them as many times as you need to. Courses are also combined with workshops for hands-on assistance.


Field Training

You will learn how to find deals from day 1 and not just in the classroom. Mentors will also provide field training to help increase your skills.



Team Work & Collaboration

We're always striving to create an environment where you can enjoy learning and investing. We believe in the Abundance Principle: There is enough money for everyone on Earth. You just need to "plug in" to the right way of thinking. Surround yourself with people who know how to make money and work together so that everyone wins! Our "no student left behind" policy will ensure that you'll always have the resources and support that you need to achieve success in real estate investing!

Meet The Team


Case Studies

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  • Brenda
    " I love the philosophy of leave everyone and every property better than we found it. The win-win mentality is very important to me. I am so impressed with the level of integrity that is overtly apparent - I am honored to be a part of the Matrix family."
  • Renessa
    " I am so thankful to have Money Making Mentors coaching me as I look to buy my first investment property in Arizona!"
  • Laurence
    " I've been with Matrix since February and I continue to be thoroughly impressed with the level of integrity and care that they not only put into their clients, but their members, as well. I'm proud to say I'm committed to the long-term with the Matrix."
  • Fred
    I’m always looking forward to showing people how to get involved with the Matrix so that they can learn how to find deals and make money in real estate.
    Director of Training, Director of Membership, Instructor
  • Kaulana
    After being in real estate investing for a while I saw that there was something that I wanted to change in this industry and that’s how I came to Matrix Investor Network. You should be able to learn how to do real estate investing without having to pay $20,000 – $30,000 to buy educational materials and hope that you can make money. When I saw the Matrix and met Dan, I saw that his vision was almost identical to what I’ve been trying to do.
    Director of Rehab